Hi there, I'm Annie.

My deepest memories have known home to be a sacred and joyful place. Filled with food, good music and timeless pieces of art or decor that were found during travels or passed down through generations. Tables got refinished and antique jugs were filled with seasonal bounty. Rarely were things thrown away, rather, they were kept and cherished, or they were passed on to be enjoyed by somebody else. Thus began my love for discovering secondhand treasures and the richness of the earth.

Each day is different with many uncertainties and challenges. In the midst of this, I am thankful for the steadiness of the seasons. Somehow, knowing that the cherry blossoms will inevitably bloom after a dark and bleak winter, help keep my feet and soul firmly planted.

There is a wildness reflected in each Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It is my desire to bring some of the earth's wild goodness into your home so that it might fill your heart with joy and let you savour these glimpses of time for just a little bit longer. I believe that decor is not simply something to consume, but rather something to relish and enjoy. A way to remember what has been and what is yet to come.

May these items help you create a habitat not only to be in, but to dwell in. To rest in. To celebrate.

For centuries, decorations have come from the earth and were sent back to the earth. This way of being is my hope for Habitat and Cloth. That when you no longer have use of something, you may send it back to the earth or pass it along for another adventure. This is also how I see garments. There is no need for mass production when there are so many well made, secondhand treasures to be worn and loved. I dearly hope that you enjoy the items I have found for your people and that they wear them well and hard for seasons yet to come.

May joy abound in this unpredictable world. May peace find us in moments of despair. May friendship bloom where there was once bitterness. May the changing seasons of the earth illuminate the beauty yet to be seen and shared.

With love,
Habitat + Cloth